About Us

M/s Gitco Gas is a Private limited company, incorporated under the laws of Pakistanin 2004 with its registered office address at M/s Gitco Gas (Pvt.) Limited, 210 Shahid Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. The company has been registered under Companies Ordinance, 1984, back in 2004 for Storage, Filling and Marketing of LPG with a Storage and Filling Plant located at Minawar, Karakorum Highway, Gilgit. The Company has a storage capacity of over 122 Metric Ton (MT) with a Filling Capacity of 20 MT/Day. M/s Gitco Gas (Pvt) Ltd also owns LPG Vehicles/Bowzers having a capacity of 270 MT. We have employed qualified staff having relevant experience in the particular to carry out daily operation at plant with prime consideration of safety of our staff as well as LPG plant operation, We have adopted safety policies that ensure protection to our customers, employees and the general public against any potential harm arising from our business. M/s Gitco Gas regards the regulatory framework as suboptimal to ensure a safe business approach. All safety measures for storage and handling of LPG are taken by the Company in accordance with the Corporate standards set in the LPG (Production and Distribution) Rule 2001 and the local M/s Gitco Gas business works actively with authorities to improve the safety standards applicable in Pakistan.
We aim to become a leading LPG providing organization that will operates in the entire country. We also aim to inspire global excellence and leadership across the globe. The services rendered by M/s Gitco Gas can cover a project in its entirety from inception to a completed operational unit(s) in connection with LPG provision and services coupled with continuous improvement.
Mission of M/s Gitco Gas is to offer its customers the highest quality LPG and LPG services at their doorstep. M/s Gitco Gas focuses on providing personalized services by offering convenience and quick delivery to its clients. M/s Gitco Gas has the expertise to meet all its clients’ specialized requests and will always strive to use such expertise to meet client requests. In order to materialize the mission, M/s Gitco Gas has strong vendor relationships with the most service conscious vendors who are capable of meeting demand rapidly, minimizing the down time to ultimately use such services to meet customer demands.
Our Goals
In a brief amount of time, the company has become a major competitor in LPG industry. Throughout the initial year the company was able to secure a significant market share and with current growth rate we are expecting to become the major gas solution provider in Pakistan. Our corporate strategy addresses the fundamentals that we must have in place to manage our risks and help us deliver to the best of our capacity. Our strategy include sustainable operations, protecting our staff, customers, consultants, the communities and the environment. High standards of governance coupled with strong and effective risk management combined with an engaged multi-disciplined diverse and entrepreneurial team to achieve a positive and lasting contribution where we operate and a significant valuable spin-off for our investors, also make part of our strategy.
Our Services
M/s Gitco Gas provides LPG for domestic use in 11.8 kg and 15 kg cylinders. We also provide LPG in 45.4 kg cylinder for commercial use. These cylinders can be used individually or can be connected to a manifold system. All of these come complete with cylinder and regulator. M/s Gitco Gas authorized distributors are spread across Pakistan. Company has its own dedicated LPG bottling plants or hospitality arrangements to ensure smooth and continuous supply of LPG to its customers. Each cylinder is individually sealed to ensure that right quantity and quality of gas reaches to its customer. M/s Gitco Gas shares the common ambition of becoming the LPG Company of choice for Consumer/Distributor within the area in which they operate. To achieve this, we are more than happy to put the customer at the heart of our company’s commercial strategy, thereby ensuring that M/s Gitco Gas customers are delivered a world class sustainable service.